Therapeutical treatment

The braces are used in odontology in treatment orthodontic dental injuries. Orthodontology is the field of odontology that is meant for treatment of inherent or acquired teeth or jaws’ defects. The doctor orthodontist is most often visited when a person wants to straighten crooked teeth as well as correct the occlusion of jaws.

If not treated, orthodontic diseases arouse various linguistic and chewing disorders, fractions in teeth or the premature loss of them. Straightening of teeth, i.e. during the orthodontic treatment, the teeth, jaws as well as soft tissues are returned to their primary position, therefore, the aesthetics and health of the teeth improve, which eventually affects the appearance of the patient.

Most often, elder patients encounter orthodontic problems, but there are cases when braces are used by younger patients as well. In such a case it is very important to know that orthodontic treatment can be started only at the age of 13 or 14.

Still, it should be noted that girls maturate earlier than boys, therefore this factor is also important in establishing the time of treatment. During the teeth straightening, i.e. during the orthodontic treatment, the rate of growing up should be used in order to obtain better treatment results.

Depending upon the situation, the course of orthodontic treatment varies from half a year to two years. In this period, when wearing orthodontic devices – the braces – constantly, the mouth hygiene is an exclusively important factor. The treatment success directly depends upon the fact whether the patient precisely follows the doctor’s instructions. The person should be determined to take a very thorough care of his or her teeth, to brush them often and regularly visit the odontologist as well as the oral hygienist.

The most frequently used and recommended fixed orthodontic appliances are the braces. They are chosen according to the individual wishes and abilities of the patient. Our clinic offers the following types of braces’ systems:

  • Metal braces – it is the most frequently used braces’ system produced from especially high-quality metal fusions and assuring the perfect orthodontic treatment results.
  • Braces without ligature, as compared to other braces’ systems, are distinguished by their aesthetic looks. Wearing them, it is possible to visit the doctor orthodontist not so frequently, also, using the braces without ligature the cases when a tooth should be removed in order to straighten all the dental arc are rarer. As compared to usual metal systems of the braces, the treatment by the braces without ligature takes a shorter time.
  • Sapphire braces are transparent braces reflecting the natural colour of the teeth, therefore they are virtually invisible.
  • Ceramic braces are white, therefore they are less visible. Still, as compares to usual metal braces, treatment by the ceramic braces often lasts several months longer.

According to the material parameters, different braces’ systems differ in their requirements for their maintenance, the period of wearing, comfort and price. With regards to the condition of the teeth of the patients and their wishes, the odontologist will assign the orthodontic appliances that are the most suitable for you. Depending upon the recommendations of the doctor and your needs, you may choose which braces – metal, without ligature, sapphire or ceramic – you will wear. 


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