Endodontics – Treatment of the Dental Root Canals

Endodontic treatment allows to retain the teeth and is applied for the curing of the dental root canal. Due to the endodontic treatment, it is possible to preserve the injured or very infected tooth.  The endodontic treatment is required when the soft tissue inside the dental root canal (the pulp) is inflamed or infected.

„Endo” is the Greek word standing for “inside”, and „odont“ means „tooth”. Inside the tooth (beneath the dental enamel and the layer of dentin) there is the soft part of the tooth, called the pulp. It consists of blood vessels, nerves, the connecting tissue. The pulp starts from the crown of the tooth and lasts till the end of the root that is connected to the tissues around the root. When the dental pulp is damaged, the blood vessels and nerves die, and the tooth is dead.

The inflammation or infection in the root canal may rise because of different reasons: the deep caries, fractions in the tooth, cracks, etc.  If the inflammation or infection is not cured, the tooth starts aching or it can get a fester. If canals are not cured, bacteria get into the surrounding tissues through the root tip and arouses the inflammation. Eventually, the jaw bone starts melting around the infected tooth and the source is being formed. 

Endodontics is the treatment of tooth canals and filling. When the infection reaches the pulp, the curing of canals is necessary. The tooth becomes painful, sensitive to cold or heat, it can swell out  when the inflammation process starts.

The infected or damaged pulp (the tooth nerve) is removed, the canal is treated by chemical materials, after that it is filled. The hermetic root canal filling helps to avoid the spreading of microorganisms in the tooth and beyond its limits. The treatment must be carried out under the x-ray control. We use the digital x-ray system due to which the radiation doze is reduced by 4-10 times.

The treatment of the tooth root canals is necessary very good visibility. Therefore, the dental microscope is used in endodontics. The doctor sees the view that is increased several times and perfectly enlightened, which simply is not possible to see by naked eyes, for example: tight entrance to root canals, extra canals, broken roots, calcificated canals.


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