Dental Prosthesis


The dental prosthesis is usually carried out if there are dental tissues injured, restoring larger defects, for the teeth that bear a big chewing load, when old, unaesthetic, incorrect restorations are replaced. The aesthetic prosthesis in the sphere of front teeth is offered when a patient wants to correct the form, colour of the teeth, make the gaps smaller.
Today, we can offer our clients in Lithuania the restoration of the function and aesthetic view of the mouth after the most difficult cases – the pathology of the jaw, the perio-pathology treatment, the restoration of the defect of the lines of the teeth, the prosthesis on implants as well as reconstruction of separate crowns by dental micro-prosthesis (laminate, onlay-inlay systems). All our services meet the global standards. When the economic situation is improving, we can pay more attention not only to the function of the mouth cavity, but also to its aesthetic view. Metal ceramics is not recommended for the front teeth for people who care for their looks because of insufficient aesthetics and the gums problems. 
Non-metal ceramics crown -  is made from porcelain.  Modern material used for aesthetic restoration is characterized by such features that are very close to the natural features of the tooth: light-conductive, the teeth look natural, firmness, resistance to wearing off. They can be used for a singe fore tooth.

Zircon oxide caramics crown - carcass (internal part) is made from zircon oxide (different from metal ceramics). These are very firm materials, so they can be used for all groups of teeth – both separate crowns, and bridges. Besides, these are very bio-compact materials – they are perfectly tolerated by the body and they do not cause any side effects or dental alterations.

Metal ceramics crown carcass is made from metal, but it is covered with the china of the colour of teeth. Such crowns do not look so natural, as the metal does not conduct light (as the natural tooth). The contact of the metal with tissues may cause dental inflammations, changes of colour, allergy.

China or composite veneers are especially thin plates that provide the teeth with a beautiful form and shining whiteness. Therefore the teeth look aesthetic. Composite veneers use filling material. With the help of veneers the modification of the colour of the front teeth, the fractions of teeth, bunching, wearing off, gaps between teeth are eliminated.

Inlays and onlays. They are called micro-dentures and are used to remove the damages of molar teeth. Inlays and onlays cover the grooves of the tooth and protect them from breaking or the formation of the caries. They can substitute dental crowns in many cases, and applying them the bigger part of the tooth is maintained.
Prosthesis on dental implants. Dental implant is the most advanced technology, applied when one, several or even all teeth are missing. The implant performs the function of the dental root. After 3-4 moths after the implantation, the prosthesis of the tooth must be carried out with metal or metal-free ceramics.

Bridge dentures (bridges). These dentures are necessary after the loss of one of several teeth, when the adjacent teeth can be used for the treatment of the gap. In order to avoid using the adjacent teeth, after the evaluation of the condition, the implant can be screwed in.

Removable dental prosthesis. They can be partially removable, if there are still unaffected teeth. The completely removable prosthesis is the plates restoring the dental arcs, when all the teeth are missing.

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