Dental Implants

Implant dentistry - a modern alternative to the traditional dental bridges and dentures. It is now possible to restore missing teeth, without having to polish adjacent teeth. It doesn‘t matter whether you are missing one, several or all your teeth. Dental implants will assure the beautiful smile and quality of your life in all the cases.

Tooth implant is a titanic or china fixture that substitutes the root after the loss of the tooth. The implant is fixed into the upper or lower jaw bone and serves as a support for the restoration of the tooth. After the implant sticks into the bone, the tooth is equipped with a prosthetic appliance – the crown of the tooth and the bridge are made, or the prosthetic appliance is fixed.


Dental implantation procedure

Dental implantation  is a  procedure during which, after the local anesthetic application, cuts in the gums are made, they are removed from the bone, and in the jaw a cavity of a certain size is formed with the help of special drilling equipment. This place will be the place of the implant. The dental implant that is made of the titan root-formed fixture is fixed into the bone. After the procedure, antibiotics are prescribed as a means of prophylactics as well as medicine from pain. Later, after the implant is stuck well, the prosthetic support is screwed in, and the crown on the tooth is placed.

Implants can be used for the restoration of practically any tooth, if there is enough bone in that place. If not, the modern procedures enable to regenerate the bone for the future safe implantation.
Prosthetics by dental implants (dental implantation) consists of several stages: firs of all, the dental implant of the form of the root is fixed in, and after 3-6 months the prosthetic procedures are carried out.
Before the dental implantation procedure, the panoramic x-ray photographs are made (orthopantomogramme). In complicated cases, the patient is additionally examined analyzing the jaws’ tomography by the computer. In each particular case the doctor decides how many implants and what kind of dentures will be used.

In our clinic, we use Straumann (the producer from Switzerland) and Biohorizont (the producer from the USA) implant systems. Straumann is acknowledged as the leader of all implant systems.


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